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Founded in 2018 in Dubai by a group of investors and led by British entrepreneur Mark JP Nutter, Emirates HR software has been developed by an award-winning team of expert developers, product designers and human resources professionals from across the globe, delivering human capital management dedicated to the United Arab Emirates specific needs. Focused on building ‘easy-to-use’ experiences for both the employer and employee, our team has created analytic applications designed for the small to medium-sized companies, multinational entities, educational institutions and government agencies. Read more

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We enhance productivity by generating business processes tailored to your exclusive requirements. With our human resource management software in Dubai, we streamline workflow with a consistent experience across your applications and enable employees to log in their tasks and requests in one simple click.

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Intuitive and user-friendly,
Emirates HR streamlines your people management.

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An App designed and customized for YOU.

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Up to date end of service reports, automated production of NOC’s, Visa management and more, all accessible online via our HR cloud solutions. Experience our new software. Download it via Google Play or App Store, and discover HR taken to the next level.

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Emirates HR is comprised of talents from across the globe including finance experts, investors and entrepreneurs, designer - product development specialists and HR professionals.

Mark JP Nutter
Chairman and Founder

“I have been working in the FinTech industry for over 20 years and sold my last company, to Capita PLC in 2015. In 2016, I invested in a Dubai-based Insurance company. Following this, I saw the need for intuitive HR software designed to meet the specific requirements and working practices of the region. Emirates HR is a project I am truly passionate about, being able to solve and address problems within HR that improves efficiency, working relationships and takes away the burden of unnecessary admin is something that is desperately needed in the UAE.”

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