A Detailed Guide To How HR Processes Are Evolving With Advancement In Automation

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November 15, 2020

The HR sector is witnessing greater use of technology in its processes with big data mining, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and machine learning leading the way forward. Like most industries, HR is heading towards a technology-powered future and intuitive tech is already powering many of its systems. 

The HR technology market is clearly on the rise as it continues to expand its capabilities with chatbot solutions, machine learning, and artificial intelligence gaining prominence. Automated processes are also refining operations and workplace experiences. 

HR is more focused on offering highly personalized employee experiences founded on technology with a strategic approach to recruitment, employee satisfaction, and workplace wellbeing. It all begins with a reliable HR and payroll software that influences the main HR processes, all of which have been highlighted here.


Automation serves an increasingly active role in managing time-consuming tasks such as screening resumes and advanced software helps to shortlist candidates. Technological support reduces errors in the recruitment process and creates greater room to focus on other finer aspects of hiring.  


Onboarding which usually involves considerable paperwork and time is now almost wholly an online process. An HR software provides online documentation and orientation to ensure due diligence with a quick handover of information and equipment necessary to begin work for new employees. 

Time Tracking

Employee schedules and work hours are now monitored digitally with automated data collection and validation that is managed in a much shorter time with new interventions. A Payroll software system reviews timesheets’ important aspects like overtime or absences, and streamlines approvals for payroll deployment. 

Performance Management

Maintaining employee performance records through regular manual evaluation of key performance indicators (KPIs) are now features of the past. Instead, HR automation and online monitoring systems assist in tracking performance with automated procedures in place to help actively boost productivity.

Management Of Travel & Expenses

Employees need not shuffle through piles of bills and complicated excel spreadsheets to file travel and expense reports. They can digitally capture bills, which can then be easily viewed and verified by the company. This reduces accounting risks and compliance errors and provides more time for value-added activities. 

Leave Management

Time-consuming procedures in calculating and approving absences are now replaced by automated approval systems. HR automation of leave management provides faster approvals and also updates leave records instantly. The entire process is easier to monitor, handle, and accept with the right software.


HR automation standardizes the entire offboarding process as well. A series of procedures that require managerial checks at each stage is now simplified. The software-guided process also makes offboarding much easier with speedy completion of each step and quick resolution of any disputes. 

HR Analytics

Maintaining employee data and creating insights from such information can be a big challenge for large companies. Automation comes to the rescue here by automatically organizing the information to provide the HR department with powerful insights. The technologically guided system ensures faster processing and reduces the chance of data loss or manual data entry errors.


Technology is clearly an integral part of the HR processes in an organization located anywhere across the world. And HR automation is already creating a workspace where humans and digital tools seamlessly work together for the progress and performance of an organization. At Emirates HR, our team focuses on providing the best-fit medium that will not only elevate employee experience but also that of the management from the inside-out.


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