Automated HR Functions That Help Businesses Run Smoothly

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May 21, 2022

According to studies, 45% of small business owners spend one day per week or more on administrative human resource (HR) functions, while those engaged in business for about ten years spend six to ten hours per week on the same, a rate which goes up by 37% for those employing between 20 to 49 workers. Indeed, doing business comes with a lot of paperwork that may increase as companies grow, possibly diverting the focus of owners and managers on core business functions.

Especially now that global markets are becoming more fast-paced, and considering that economies are starting to recover post-pandemic, managers and business owners should invest in something that can make HR management easier and more efficient to help them run their transactions smoothly. With this, cloud based HR software is the best option since it automates the following HR functions:


  • HR Administration

Manual HR Administration takes up a significant amount of resources each year, such as time, money, and office supplies, which could have been allocated to more important business functions. According to reports, HR paperwork costs about $300 per employee annually, not to mention the compliance risks that businesses may face due to security and privacy issues, which, according to the SHRM, may be carried out intentionally or unintentionally by insiders 60% of the time.

Through the automation of HR administration, however, business owners and managers can save time and money by managing employees digitally in one online platform. This keeps them on top of outstanding tasks through push notifications designed to keep them posted on employee requests, employee management features that allow them to see personnel details in one click, and business reports generation that help them accurately understand key trends and data pertinent to HR management. In the long run, this will help them save their resources, efficiently store and manage their documents, and be more effective in HR administration while focusing on other important business matters.


  • Leave and Benefits Management

Through cloud based HR software, managers and business owners can turn HR transactions into self-serving ones, such as leave requests and benefit navigation. Unlike in typical HR transactions where employees are required to accomplish forms using pen and paper, HR automation will allow them to file for leave and navigate their benefits using any device. Managers, on the other hand, will be able to approve or reject these requests real time and monitor them accurately according to company policies integrated in the system, ensuring that all transactions are fast-tracked.


  • Payroll Processing

According to studies, small business owners spend 6 to 10 hours on payroll management each month, while 11% spend more than 10 hours, a number which may increase as they expand. However, through HR automation, they can reduce the number of hours they allot on payroll processing, as calculations are automated, salary types are customized, and expenses, salary deductions, as well as tax withholdings are automatically monitored. Moreover, with a cloud based HR software, business owners can generate detailed payroll reports for legitimate business purposes, ensuring that all legal compliances are adhered to.


Automate Your HR Functions Now

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