Can HR Automation Improve Employee Wellbeing And Satisfaction?

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November 3, 2020

Automation is an important subject for a wide range of industries today. Its usage continues to gain momentum as many processes are switched over to an automated option. The intuitive approach has already been adopted by the HR sector and is popularly known as “HR automation.”

HR automation covers the process of automating manual and repetitive tasks in order to improve efficiency and productivity. It reduces administrative costs and the time spent on tedious procedures so that employees can focus their efforts on creative and strategic matters. But along with managing repetitive functions and simplifying operations, HR automation is also known to influence employee wellbeing and satisfaction in an optimal manner.

Automation helps all areas of a business and this includes benefits to the workforce as well. With efficient HR and payroll software, employees can utilize their time for more productive pursuits. Here are five ways in which automation elevates the employee experience. 

Streamlining HR procedures

HR automation has the potential to enhance employee wellbeing by simplifying certain processes. It offers the chance to streamline time-consuming functions like leave management with the help of technology. Procedures such as applying for some time-off are transformed into easy steps with an online leave application that allows for multilevel approvals to be completed in a few clicks. And all the information is easily accessible online within a single platform that is seamlessly integrated with the company leave policies, to make life more simple and straightforward.

Ensuring Smooth Onboarding

The onboarding process marks the first experience for a new employee in the company. The first week usually involves lots of paperwork, which can overwhelm both the HR personnel as well as the recruited staff. Any hurdles during these crucial initial days can have a negative impact, hence it is necessary to establish an HR software that helps better manage the process. 

With automation, all documents get digitized – signed, uploaded, and saved online with a click. Essential information like company policies and code of conduct can also be uploaded and made available for easy access. Information regarding the management and fellow co-workers can also be accessed via the platform. In this way, automation prepares the ground for a fulfilling career in the company. 

Delivering Employee Benefits 

It is easier for employees to access benefits and offers through an online HR platform. Automation allows for instant updates on offers and provides a portal where all the details can be shared.  It gives a clear picture of insurance policies and medical provider lists for guaranteed peace of mind and good health. It also simplifies end of service calculations – combining provisions and liabilities – to reach the final payment estimate. This clarity enhances employee confidence in the company and motivates staff to strive for better performance. 

Providing Opportunities For Training and Development

Another benefit of automation is the opportunity it provides to promote learning and education. Using analytics, companies can gather insightful data about expenses to help allocate funds for training programs and personal assessment software. Focusing on this learning culture, powered by automation, creates an environment for advancement. The growth mindset encourages prosperity by highlighting the importance of education in adding value to one’s career and the company as a whole.

Improving Business Performance

Automation improves employee engagement by empowering staff with essential tools to access and update personal data and HR services. Smart solutions like payroll software allow employees to upload, submit, and monitor expense claims from anywhere for a seamless reimbursement process. 

With automation dealing with the more tedious tasks of the organization, employees can focus on improving products, services, and customer relations that have a direct impact on the bottom-line. Working on highly productive subjects ensures that the workforce and company stay on track for greater success.

The HR department definitely plays a strategic role in an organization’s growth, which can be enhanced with automation. Using the latest technology in the vital HR processes discussed above is an effective way to improve the employee experience and ensure a happier and healthier workforce. 


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