EmiratesHR provides Casinetto transparency & a digital automated HR & Payroll process across the organization.

“Our employees were very happy, coming from paper-based HR to automated is a milestone”
Katrina Carino, HR & Business Support Executive
Katrina Carino, HR & Business Support Executive


Established in 2009, Casinetto has grown quickly and now has more than 90 employees, made up of “foodies” from around the world. Giacomo and his team select each product carefully, shunning intensive farming methods and mass production in favor of regional, natural, and largely artisanal “real food” before distributing it around the UAE.

Katrina Carino, HR & Business Support Executive at Casinetto, says “Back in 2019, we decided to use a cloud-based system for our HR, I had met with other providers who I worked with in the past but we were looking for more options than what we’re being offered and that’s when I found EmiratesHR”

“I knew I needed to find a cloud-based HR solution as manual records of leave were getting lost, and non-automated payslips and lots of paperwork didn’t fit in my drawer anymore. For Casinetto, we required accessibility, a mobile application that we can access the app anywhere, whenever”.

When asked what made EmiratesHR stand out compared to other software providers in the market, Katrina explains “Your Vision! Last year during our first meeting, EmiratesHR was just launched but at that time you had a ‘vision’ which is exactly the solution to every HR practitioner’s dilemma’s.


In 2019, Casinetto chose EmiratesHR to automate HR & Payroll processes, offering employees transparency of their entitlements.

“After all data was loaded into the software, we started by sending out an introductory e-mail to everyone. However, we first rolled out only the leave management and to the department heads and supervisors. Training and demos were conducted, and they reviewed their team’s data to ensure there were no inaccuracies especially with the leave, employment, and salary information. A week after, we started the training and demo for each department. Payroll solution was introduced to everyone after 2 months from launch”.

“In terms of support, it was awesome, your team is very patient and thorough, making sure that all issues were actioned, data was loaded into the software and that we are fully ready prior to implementation,” says Katrina.

“Since implementation, your solution has helped with transparency. It’s a one-stop-shop for major HR & payroll functions. Employees can view their leave balance, payslips, insurance details, and documents online. For our HR team, EmiratesHR saved us time responding to individual leave requests and queries as the team can view the app/website for the information instead of asking HR questions”.

“Overall, as we now have 90 employees, everyone refers to the software to find answers which have saved HR a lot of time. Our department is now paper-less, we save the trees! EmiratesHR has built trust and employees now have the visibility to their entitlements through the software!”  concludes Katrina Carino, HR & Business Support Executive.

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