Quintica selects EmiratesHR to help transform HR & Payroll

“After only a month of using the system it feels like our company have been using it for years, and that’s thanks to the ease of use for our employees”.
Suzette van Wyk - HR & Recruitment Manager
Suzette van Wyk, HR & Recruitment Manager
South Africa, Kenya and the Middle East


“Customer Experience is our Digital Obsession”.

In today’s connected world, excellent customer experience is more crucial than ever. Users demand and expect a seamless hassle-free experience and instant gratification. Streamlining and automating business processes and workflows; capturing and analyzing key customer data from internal and external sources; the proactive monitoring of infrastructure and support applications with real-time visibility all in one location is at the heart of delivering better customer experiences.

Quintica delivers a platform for Customer Experience as a Service, ensuring an organization’s focus pervades the entire organization; from operations and infrastructure through to the applications that deliver it.

With this capability, Quintica assists clients to build a loyal customer base and deliver revenue growth and increased profitability. Quintica provides On-Premise and SaaS technical solutions and professional expertise across the Middle East and Africa.

“Our company has grown threefold in two years and we needed to automate our HR and Payroll services to provide a more efficient service, this meant moving away from the manual system we were using” Says Quintica HR & Recruitment Manager, Suzette van Wyk.

“While in search for a solution, we were recommended EmiratesHR. It was crucial we found a super easy to use self-service portal so our staff could begin using it as soon as the system went live”.


In 2020, Quintica selected EmiratesHR to support its onboarding, document management, payroll and more. It’s criteria: Simple to use and scalable.

“EmiratesHR is super easy to use, uncomplicated and very efficient. It has made our lives so much easier and has saved a lot of time especially with leave applications, requests for salary certificates and more” says Suzette, when asked why Quintica chose EmiratesHR over other solutions.

“After signing with EmiratesHR we first notified our staff of the change in operations and thereafter your support team provided a number of training sessions for all of our staff and has been great in responding to email queries”
Suzette also explains “After only a month of using the system it feels like our company have been using it for years, and that’s thanks to the ease of use for our employees”.

“We are most impressed with the main dashboard and the flexibility of the system, while having requests your support team could accommodate quickly”

Suzette concludes, “I can highly recommend EmiratesHR, it’s great!”

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