Does Your Health Insurance Cover Pre-existing Conditions?

May 6, 2020

While purchasing health insurance, there are a lot of criteria we need to focus on. People are often confused about pre-existing conditions whether it is covered by the health insurance they plan to purchase.

But before going ahead with that, let us explain what pre-existing conditions mean. A pre-existing condition is a medical condition that has been in existence before the insurance policy even came into effect. These conditions have been revolving around the news about how much of a discussion it has become among people, and the misunderstandings caused by it whether the health insurance provides coverage and why it matters. For example, if you’ve had asthma before getting your insurance, then it is considered as a pre-existing condition that some policies refuse to cover. Sometimes you find that your insurance claim has been rejected, declined or the rates of insurance have increased after submitting your medical reports. This happens mainly because of pre-existing conditions which some insurance companies refuse to cover. So, in order to avoid going through any confusion in the future, here are some points to consider when it comes to pre-existing conditions:

Pre-existing Condition

A pre-existing condition as mentioned earlier is a medical condition that has been there in the first place before even acquiring health insurance or even applying for one. It is basically any health issue that the person is facing, before applying for a health insurance. There are health insurances that do a complete inquiry about your previous injuries, conditions or any other medical issue which you might encounter with to see if they can increase the premiums on your insurance plan.

The terms and conditions for each insurance company differ and you will have to do complete research about it before going ahead with the policy. Some insurance companies will have different terms about pre-existing conditions, and so you will have to read through every bit of it to avoid confusion in the future.

Be Open About Pre-existing Conditions

You should always be truthful to the insurance companies, especially when it comes to describing your pre-existing health conditions. When you end up hiding your medical issues that were already their way before you applied for your insurance, it could lead up to a bigger problem. The insurance companies can find out anything about a person’s previous medical history, and if you end up getting caught, it can lead to you getting your health insurance claim rejected.

So when you’re proceeding to apply for your medical condition, it is wise to talk about your pre-existing conditions so that the insurance can cover it as well. If you fail to mention it while getting your insurance done, the payment for your treatment for your pre-existing conditions won’t be covered by the insurance policy.

Pre-existing Conditions Coverage In UAE

According to the UAE law, the insurance companies aren’t allowed to deny or reject the insurance claim by the individual due to pre-existing conditions. But there are certain treatments for diseases and pre-existing conditions that will be thought over and not included in the policy for a time period, which will be specified by the insurance company.

But there are also certain exclusions when it comes to covering these treatment charges and having to wait for a time period if you have had insurance earlier. You will have to submit and provide all the proof of your last health insurance coverage along with the medical documents.

If you’re an individual who does have pre-existing conditions and are looking forward to getting your health insurance in Dubai, then it is recommended to go through all the policies and compare other medical insurance companies, so that you find the right fit.