Duties And Responsibilities: The Role of HR In Employee Management

May 22, 2021

Back in the day, HR was a simple organizational function that focused on processing payrolls, arranging company outings or trips, sending birthday gifts, annual bonuses and making sure all necessary employee details are well-maintained in forms and documents.

As an organizational function, HR has now undergone many significant changes making HR a more crucial function vital for the success of any organization. At present HR has become a broader concept with different roles which are all essential for the effective functioning of an organization. This is why hr management software and hr cloud-based software are becoming popular among businesses to ensure a smooth and simple HR process.

HR now upholds employees as assets of an organization than a workforce. Here are some key roles of HR in employee management within an organization.


This is one of the primary roles of HR in employee management. Staffing is done to ensure an organization has the right set of individuals to match appropriate job positions, within an organization. Even if an organization may have the most sophisticated machines, human resources are still needed to perform certain tasks, especially to do tasks relating to creative or strategic thinking.

Staffing is a role that caters to the entire hiring process of an organization starting from posting a job ad to screening resumes, shortlisting, conducting interviews or relevant assessments to getting recruits on board.

Training and Development

Training and development allow employees to do their job according to the expected standards of an organization. It enables an HR department to manage, grow and develop skills among employees. When employees are consistently growing their skill base it boosts workplace productivity. This also keeps employees motivated and satisfied as they are consistently upgrading their skills.

Effective training and development can also facilitate HR with internal recruitment, a cost-effective hiring process.

Managing compensation and benefits

The right compensation is a key factor to attract potential candidates to an organization. An HR department should ensure that their company compensation and benefits meet industry standards, and is high enough to attract and retain employees within an organization. Failing to do this with appropriate compensating strategies can easily slip out potential candidates to competitors.

Any decisions relating to the compensation and benefits of employees should consider years of experience, qualifications, and relevant skills. Low compensation is one of the main reasons for employee turnover in organizations. Sometimes, a low compensation can also restrict employees from giving their best towards a job role.


Employee retention focuses on motivating employees to stay with the organization in the long run. Doing this is important to avoid potential candidates from switching to competitors. 

While the right compensation, benefits, and recognitions are crucial for employee retention, some employees focus on organizational culture, workplace environment, and other perks to retain them within an organization. So HR professionals are expected to look into these employee needs and other issues they are facing within the workplace and cater to them accordingly in order to retain employees.

Dealing with employment laws

HR professionals should abide by the employment rules of a country in all their HR functions from hiring, selection, to even making an employee redundant. Failing to do this can allow employees to file lawsuits against an organization.

Especially as the employment laws of a country are subject to change consistently, it’s important for HR professionals to update themselves with the changes taking place and incorporate them into future employee management decisions.

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