Eliminate Time-Consuming Tasks With A Digital Document Management System

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Document management system involves using computer software and information network to store, manage and track the electronic documents of an organization. Such a system’s primary function is to serve as a hub for company files and make it easy to access required information based on a user’s needs. Therefore, the service needs to allow reliable document input from various mediums and sources.

In modern times, document management systems extend beyond basic functionality to cover workflows as well. Additional applications and features have advanced the platform’s capabilities that store information securely, provides access swiftly, and harnesses this data smartly for enhanced HR operations. Today, digital document management systems assist in better time management through four leading features explained below.

Status Of Document Validity 

Advanced HR systems in Dubai and other financial hubs provide versatile document management software that eliminates a large amount of administrative work. Crucial communication and data are automatically uploaded, securely saved, and systematically organized for quick retrieval as and when required. Such a high level of automation also comes with a real-time dashboard that quickly alerts HR personnel and the staff concerned about expiring documents. Push notification informs the related professionals with tiered updates from up to 3 months right up to the documentation’s actual expiry. Dependent certificates and information are also monitored similarly. 

Streamline Request Process 

Document management software can help employees work more quickly with instant access to information. This type of software also enables organizations to set up workflow automation that speed reviews and approvals, keeping business processes moving. 

Staff can request documents and letters from the business, including salary certificates, NOC’s, and more, at the click of a button. These requests follow a personalized approval chain, with push notifications to alert the employer and employees at each stage of approval. The staff member can directly print the final requested document. This enhanced efficiency allows companies to invest their resources in new projects and advance new opportunities.  

Leverage Self-Service Tools

Modern HR software takes document management to an entirely new level through a self-service portal. Recruits can use this application to upload their required documents and, in this way, independently manage their records while existing employees can update records of expiring records. Employee information, including CV, educational qualifications, and training certificates, are uploaded through the portal, followed by an established approval process. The computerized platform automatically analyzes files and completed online forms based on the data provided. 

Efficient Document Organisation 

Incorporating a document management solution ensures organizations make the most of their time by enabling retrieval of vital information directly from the workstation. The online service is a handy assistant in keeping track of documents and the necessary actions that have to be completed. The platform also provides instant answers to leadership, auditors, and clients, thus avoiding the need for phone calls or emails. The stored data enables HR staff to respond quickly to any queries and ensures a superior employee experience.

EmiratesHR is one of the leading providers of HR cloud-based software in the UAE with proven expertise in advanced document management services that saves a great deal of time. We invite you to contact us anytime for a demo of our bespoke solutions.