Emirates HR App: Now A One Stop Destination For All Employee Inquiries

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The faster technology advances, the quicker people want solutions and this rule applies just as much when it comes to efficient HR management. Employees today want to receive personalized, relevant and time-sensitive information and that too at the tip of their fingertips. Enter the Emirates HR App, an employee app that specifically enables the entire workforce to have access to information such as benefits, salary, pensions and insurances resulting in increased productivity, communication and engagement.

Anywhere, Anytime

If the pandemic has taught us anything over the past few months, it’s the importance of working remotely. Now, more than ever, a large percentage of workers are working from homes, shared workspaces, cafes and public libraries. Mobile device apps such as the Emirates HR App allows employees to stay connected across the organization at all times. Employees working in offices can stay in touch with deskless and remote employees to maintain a two-way dialogue and collect accurate metrics that result in better and more informed decision-making.

Cut Out the Unnecessary

Over the course of a day, an employee’s inbox is inundated with a flood of emails both important and junk. Sifting through hundreds of messages every so often creates unnecessary interruptions which end up costing valuable time and resources. The Emirates HR App’s utility does not lie in the fact that it adds to the existing communication portal, instead it acts as a collaborative tool in streamlining the relevant content. Employees will spend less time managing email, looking for internal information and tracking down colleagues to help with specific tasks and more time delivering targeted results.

You Are Special

Each employee app offers the individual a personalized experience. Similarly, a unique login and password will be required to launch the Emirates HR App. A detailed online dashboard will provide each employee with their relevant details on expense reports, vacation requests, sick leave and other sensitive data. Some of the app’s additional festers include being able to create groups, send files and provide feedback. Managers will be able to disseminate vast pieces of information securely while employees will be able to collaborate on work projects more efficiently.

Employee Engagement

The Emirates HR App connects the employee to the organization on a more personal level, yet allows them to retain their independence. Staff can access the app on their own time, from the comforts of their home whether to complete a pending project or engage in a company-wide discussion.

Employees can find the details they need to do their work and stay on top of relevant company information, all with the touch of a button. When employees use the app on their smartphones to be kept up to date quickly and effectively, it will also increase their motivation and identification with the company. This feeling of belonging will increase employee satisfaction which in turn will decrease turnover, reduced costs and lead to higher productivity levels. 

Employee apps are mobile software solutions in HR systems that allow employees to stay connected and updated on company details from anywhere, at any time. The Emirates HR app helps consolidate and centralize necessary information to create a positive employee experience.


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