Emotional Intelligence: How Empathy At Work Becomes Crucial For Employees

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December 8, 2020

Emotional intelligence has become quite the buzzword within HR circles in companies worldwide. Also known as the Emotional Quotient (EQ), the term is defined as the level of awareness and control that one has over their own emotions and that of others, which is an essential soft skill to develop. 

One of the leading aspects of emotional intelligence is empathy, which is the ability to see the world from the perspective of another person to identify with their emotions and ideas entirely. It makes people feel genuinely understood, which establishes authentic interpersonal relations that increase engagement and productivity. 

Empathy is vital for both personal as well as professional wellbeing and helps create a positive office culture by supporting team members in the following ways. 

A Greater Sense Of Individuality 

Every person has a deep desire to be recognized for their unique personality and character traits. This innate psychological attribute takes precedence in workplace scenarios where personnel is usually grouped under greater teams or departments. Therefore, organizations all over the globe are turning their attention towards providing their workforce with opportunities to manage themselves. 

To achieve this, companies have transitioned to HR cloud-based software that supports employee self-service portals. These solutions deliver autonomy in accessing essential HR functions at the click of a button. It places a certain amount of power in the hands of staff, giving them more control over their role within the hierarchy of a company. With this sense of independence comes a requirement to connect with others and portray positive aspects of empathy. 

Individuals can effortlessly accomplish this with some guidance from self-service portals. The application stores the entire company’s organizational structure giving everyone a grander picture of leadership, managers, and peers. Armed with this data, a coworker can reach out to others via phone, email, or text. This procedural optimization creates better communication, and more robust connections across the company rank both vertically as well as horizontally. 

Reliable Source Of Care And Compassion

Another benefit of being empathetic at work is to ensure the holistic wellbeing of each team member. It involves creating an environment that supports mental, physical, and emotional health, and one of the methods of doing this is by helping to manage the stress levels. Tension at work is a growing challenge today and even more so during the ongoing pandemic. 

The pressure from a new way of life and a blurred line between work and home environments create new obstacles, which can alleviate through thoughtful leadership. Free HR software applications on highly specialized systems offer to leave management tools that can provide the necessary data to assess work hours. 

After analyzing the metrics, compassionate managers need to only spend a few minutes each week to check the timesheets and leave records to understand the workload of each team member and help coworkers to be fully recharged for their upcoming projects. 

This practice sometimes involves suggesting time off and ensuring personnel take their vacation so that they can maintain the quality of work output. Providing such assistance assures the workforce that their employers genuinely care for them.

Support For Personal And Professional Goals

Each human being has unique goals that they carry with them wherever they go. Leading with empathy requires managers to recognize the aspirations of their team members, and along with this acknowledgment, initiate action that ensures stable employment so that individuals can take their careers forward. 

Such stability is provided by a reliable HR platform in UAE that manages accurate and timely salary payments. This software automatically calculates pay based on factors such as work hours and job grade. It also effectively calculates advance loans and creates practical repayment schedules for those who have taken them.

Support from companies extends to medical care and bonuses as well. Staff can learn about these benefits directly on the self-service portal and also easily access them whenever they require it. The healthcare provisions and special privileges add to a sense of security and satisfaction that enhances an employee’s emotional wellbeing.

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