Employee Self-Service: Offering An Engaging Onboarding Experience

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December 1, 2020

Employee Self-Service (ESS) has gained popularity over the years to play a key role in HR systems by ensuring employee satisfaction and even influencing retention. Besides the ordinary tasks of updating one’s profile and self-managing leave days, ESS systems now offer easy access to payroll services and the latest updates on benefits. Today, technology has an extensive role to play at every stage of the employee journey from selection for the role to welcoming the professional on board.  

The hiring process is one such phase that leverages the versatile features of ESS tools. The system has now become a popular choice for HR departments during the introduction and orientation of new employees due to its wide range of solutions. Speed of deployment and instant availability are other factors that make the service a smart option. But the area in which ESS systems shine lies in their potential to offer a delightful onboarding experience, which is delivered in three distinct ways discussed below.

Establishing A Warm Welcome

The ESS application initiates communication with a new team member through an employment confirmation that includes a personalized offer letter in addition to a contract for review, acceptance, and return. But the first real connection is marked with a special welcome message which is received on the very first working day. This initial communication is usually delivered as a video clip to make it a truly unforgettable moment for new hires. 

The introductory week is crucial as it is the period when new employees form an indelible impression of the company that then also sets the tone for future interactions. To ensure this, HR departments utilize ESS portals to deliver orientation programmes and updates that guide employees in their new setting. ESS tools also facilitate email and equipment set up to allow new members to feel further welcomed to the organization. 

Delivering Empowering Solutions

ESS portals offer recruits instant access to a comprehensive range of HR management services that can assist them with the entire onboarding process. Smart tools enable newcomers to upload essential documents and manage their profile digitally. They can easily get to know co-workers and managers using the bios of employees available on the platform, and also review company policies and code of conduct at any time. 

In addition, timely service through ESS tools provides new applicants as well as HR personnel with time to focus on other crucial work, thus increasing productivity. These instant solutions further give considerable power to recruits by allowing them quick access to their records and benefits. The ESS portal also acts as a guide to the onboarding process by indicating the necessary steps to accomplish specific tasks. Along with this, payroll software is seamlessly integrated into the system for easier availability to both the Human Resources department and the employee.

Simplifying All Processes

Finally, design plays a vital role in delivering a captivating onboarding experience. Efficient ESS portals exhibit an intuitive pattern that makes it easy to find the most requested services and information online. The interactive layout uses consistent company branding and smart data organization to assist employees with the means of a reliable HR resource. 

Another striking feature of advanced ESS systems is its responsive design, where the interface adjusts according to the gadget’s screen for a smooth, multichannel, and scalable experience. The service is further optimized for mobile devices through a dedicated app that supports connectivity on the go. 

Employee self-service systems are a great way to organize an engaging onboarding experience, and Emirates HR is the right place to begin. As a leading HR software company in Dubai, we provide seamless onboarding solutions that are part of our top-notch services to help your company grow to new heights.