How Do Automated HR Platforms Ensure Security Regarding Important Data?

HR Platform

As we move forward into another year, companies continue to embrace digital transformation, especially within their HR functions. Human resource management remains a vital part of every business, even taking on a more significant role in the recent shifts in the workplace landscape, including remote working and global payroll. 

The Rise Of HR Automation 

Thanks to the advances in automation technologies and artificial intelligence, HR processes can now achieve a higher efficiency level. This ultimately results in improved employee engagement and overall work satisfaction. Leading research and advisory company, Gartner, reveals that as much as 17% of businesses today take advantage of AI-based solutions such as state-of-the-art HR software and payroll service. They also shared that an increase of 30% will be seen in 2022. Meanwhile, here are several HR functions that can benefit from automation: 

  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding-Offboarding
  • Performance Management
  • Leave and Time-Offs Management
  • HR Analytics
  • Documentation

Organizations that have embraced automation experience a more streamlined HR process that generates accurate employee performance insights, efficient records management, and better resource allocation. Through automation, HR managers can increase productivity and turn their attention to the more critical HR aspect – which is the employees. 

The Challenge With Data Security 

Moving forward with HR automation comes with the responsibility of data integrity and security. Data integrity refers to the accuracy and consistency of data across all HR processes. To preserve data integrity, security is essential. Cyber attacks and data breaches can compromise data integrity, but these risks are reduced with the right automation platform. 

Data security is a challenge for both companies who have only recently shifted to automation and the ones that have eliminated all manual processes using HR software. HR data is sensitive and private. It contains an employee’s personal details, addresses, and financial information. Maintaining confidentiality and security should be a priority among HR managers.

The Solution

Fortunately, modern HR software is equipped with stringent security measures. It continues to improve so along with adapting to a company’s data security needs. It is also essential to keep such software up to date. Periodic software maintenance is key to ensuring its effectiveness. HR automation allows for better cloud security meaning, more controlled access to private information and unauthorized employee information usage. 

Other security features include encryption and physical security of user data, and internal security controls. Further, automated HR platforms adhere to compliance policies about the protection of an employee’s private information.  

Learn To Assess An HR Automation Vendor

Finally, having the right HR automation vendor to provide you with these security features is pivotal to your business success. Choose a service provider that has integrable solutions. This way, it will be easier for you to check if a solution is suitable for your organization’s HR processes.  

Ensure to find an HR vendor that can provide the solutions to all your needs or fill the gaps in your present HR system. These can include ESS or employee self-service, omnichannel communication methods, and an advanced global payroll system. If you have any questions about automating your existing HR processes, don’t hesitate to contact EmiratesHR for more information and a free demo.