How HR Automation Enables HR Managers To Meet Goals Efficiently

June 8, 2021

HRM is a critical function of every business- as it impacts every other operation within an organization. But, more importantly, as HRM deals with the manpower of an organization, the chances of anything going wrong is very high. This is why HR managers struggle daily to meet their goals efficiently. Fortunately, HR automation has presented ample ways to smoothly transform all the HR processes that allow HR managers to meet their key goals efficiently. Here is a breakdown of how this works.

Effective manpower planning 

One of the key goals of an HR manager is to ensure effective human resource planning. This is what helps in maximizing the productivity of employees while keeping overheads to a minimum-eliminating waste. Unfortunately, traditional HR processes are tedious and cause too much chaos in many HR functions. 

Further to this, chasing, collecting, verifying, and updating paper works or documentation manually – consumes valuable time HR managers could otherwise spend on effective human resource planning. 

All this paperwork is digitized with HR automation and performed by automated HR systems with minimum manual intervention. This saves a huge amount of time for HR managers to focus on other aspects of manpower planning like culture building, people’s practices, and HR policy-making, which can improve the performance of human resources and enhance organizational productivity more efficiently. 

Hustle-free recruitment, selection, and onboarding of employees 

Recruiting the right people to the right job and effectively engaging them within the organization’s culture is a primary goal for HR managers. In truth, recruitment and onboarding are two of the most crucial HR functions as well. 

However, with a manual HR process, HR managers spend a huge amount of time searching, scanning, identifying, interviewing, shortlisting, selecting, and hiring a candidate. The exhaustion involved within this process can easily slip potential candidates as well.

Hiring a candidate isn’t the finish line; onboarding – which involves entering relevant data of newcomers and engaging them within the organization’s policies is another task that requires an equal amount of time and energy.

HR automation added with AI-based recruitment technology allows the whole process of scanning candidate profiles, shortlisting, and selecting all to be done in one streamlined, automated process. This not only improves the efficiency levels but also is more accurate and error-free.

Most importantly, the ESS (Employee Self Service) portal supported by HR automation allows onboarding another hustle-free process, thereby allowing HR managers to meet their goals more efficiently. Employee self-service is a portal that allows employees to view, manage and update their payroll and HR information as newcomers, not requiring any effort or intervention from the HR manager. 

The HR manager can also share relevant HR documents, notices, benefits forms, and employee handbooks to the newcomers through this portal, reducing the time spent on two-way email communication or other paper-based processes.

Accurate performance appraisal 

Accurate employee performance appraisal is another goal HR managers try to achieve consistently. This is because employee appraisal affects several decisions concerning employee promotion, retention, and termination- which all affect the organization’s success. 

With HR automation, an appraisal is based on people analytics and other performance indicators, giving a clear and true measurement of employee performance, free from discrimination and errors. 

Further, as many performance management features in an automated HR system or HR software are aligned with the business goals- it makes the performance management process much more effective for the success of an organization.

Moreover, accurate performance appraisal allows HR managers to efficiently and effectively decide, plan, and execute rewarding training and development programs – eliminating unprofitable approaches taken towards employee development. 

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