How to Adequately Plan Your Goals

Time Management is divided between planning and application. To plan, we need to be clear regarding our goals.


✨Calculate Your Daily Time:

Working out in advance how much time you will have daily for each task, then setting goals to get that done daily. Use the following formula:

24 hours – (Sleep time, Work Time, Family Responsibility) = goal time.


✨Set Clear Goals:

Now that you know the goals and how much time you have available daily to chase these, the next step is to set S.M.A.R.T goals to dedicate this time. S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time).


✨Allocate Time to Each Goal:

Set a specific time of the day for the relevant goal and aim to stick to your times. If you are having an unusually busy day, instead of abandoning these goals completely, try halving them. So instead of not reading at all for a day, try reading for half an hour or at least twenty minutes. In this way, you stay on track, even on your busiest days.


✨Avoid Multi-tasking:

Recent studies have proven that multi-tasking slows down productivity and causes sloppy work. When we multi-task, our brains are unable to give any task full attention and as a result, we end up with not much to show for it. Modern time management experts all agree that focusing on one task at a time gets the task done faster with better quality than multi-tasking. If you are talking to someone, stop everything else you are doing and give them your full attention. If you are preparing for a meeting, focus on that alone and nothing else.

Do this and you find yourself accomplishing the task in record time and producing high-quality work too. Then you will still have plenty of time for all the other things you were supposed to do while multi-tasking.


✨Stay Healthy:

You cannot accomplish your goals if you are feeling lazy, weak, agitated or sleep deprived. Retain your energy to push on.  Pace yourself.