Improving Employee Engagement With Self-Service HR Applications

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November 1, 2020

Employee engagement as a term has many definitions but at its core, ‘engagement’ is the emotional commitment that employees have towards their company. A sentiment from the heart and mind of the employee, which directly influences their actions at work. Better engaged employees are capable of providing better customer experiences that, in turn, create loyal customers, ensure reliable gains, and bestows an excellent market value for your establishment. 

As this concept is critical for the prosperity of your enterprise, it raises the question: can HR applications, especially self-service ones – help improve employee engagement and make a difference to your business?

HR Services At Your Fingertips

A self-service application is essentially an HR software that is designed to give employees easy access to all the relevant HR processes and services. Rather than being a passive participant in the policies, decisions, and initiatives of the company, the program acts as a platform where industry professionals and staff can work together for efficient human resource management and employee satisfaction.

The software places the most important HR services at the fingertips of the employees – saving both time and effort that would otherwise be spent in following traditional methods of processing data. It enables empowerment, communication, further education, and even personalization – all factors that collectively boost employee engagement.

Tools To Empower Employees

HR applications save a great deal of time that would be spent in requesting forms or following long processes by giving employees direct access to the related information and services. Applications like payroll software enable past payslips to be sent via email or push notification. 

As for a wages protection system, it allows designated staff secure and instant access to wage records. Empowering employees with such capabilities shows that a company values the time and responsibilities of its workforce. Offering easy access to essential services streamlines HR processes, which enhances overall efficiency at the workplace.

Unique Benefits 

Besides the work-related benefits that the software looks to offer, there are many more that can be accessed and availed outside the office. These include unique employee offers that are presented to users from the platform to take advantage of on services provided by businesses across the country and even internationally. 

This is not limited to exclusive discounts on airfares, clinic services amongst many more benefits. Providing such distinctive features ensures holistic satisfaction for the employees in all areas of their life besides their professional which is important for their greater well-being. In turn, this will work towards boosting their engagement at work and ensure a productive work lifestyle. 

Personalized Experience For All

Self-service HR applications recognize the individuality of the employee by providing a personalized dashboard relevant to each personnel. All the information provided is based on that specific employee and a detailed history of usage and requests is also available for quick reference. 

Services like the mobile application provide updates on various service requests and give the latest information on expenses, appointments, and medical benefits. This recognition of individuality leaves an impactful impression on the employee.

Latest Company Updates

Self-service HR applications also provide the perfect platform for conveying the latest information on initiatives, programs, news, and events related to the company. They are an effective means to stay updated with the company. They share information that is necessary to gain a complete picture of the company as it stands at any given point in time, proving to be a vital touchpoint to access the most recent happenings. 

With the four advantages mentioned above, it is clear that self-service HR applications can play a significant role in improving employee engagement. By empowering employees with the tools to access essential HR facets and enabling easy access for communication, learning, and feedback, these applications give employees more control over their role as individuals, as teams, and as an organization. 

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