Keep Track Of Employee Activity On A Secure E-Platform

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An automated HR system makes it easier for an organization to keep updated with employee activity. Ranging from tracking the hours an employee spends on a particular project to overseeing organizational changes such as department transfers and promotions. These systems are also highly encrypted and require strict authentication measures to avoid digital fraud and financial crime.

Smooth Onboarding

HR management software enables new hires to upload required documents, add emergency contact details, and accept company policies and code of conduct with the click of a button. New employees can also become familiar with their work environment before they even step into the office by viewing the bios of their co-workers online and meeting their team virtually.

This procedure not only helps save time but allows the new employees to better focus their energies on contributing to the company’s goals and business strategies.  A single, online dashboard provides managers access to completing onboarding workflows and creating deadline reminders while ensuring that all employee data is being securely transmitted over the internet.

Time and Attendance Admin

An organization’s success depends to a large extent on engaged and productive employees. A satisfied workforce is the result of accurate and timely payroll. Technological tools such as payroll software automate the payment process and are able to seamlessly calculate the correct pay for new joiners, leavers, or mid-month pay changes. Managers can view each employee’s salary history and add customizations such as housing allowance, commission, and bonus where necessary. 

A single, centralized database also makes it easier for HR professionals to oversee multiple currencies and regional payroll settings for employees working remotely. Employee wage records can be seamlessly extracted and employees can be sent alerts of significant changes streamlining the payment process at the click of a button. A company’s HR department houses a plethora of sensitive employee data and it can avoid hacking attempts by implementing automated HR software that requires multi-factor authentication for all administrative access.

Leave Management

Managing employee leave requires significant time and resources which is why companies are opting to use automated software to manage to leave accurately and efficiently. Employees can log in using the self-service portal to fill out the necessary form and send their requests online. Managers receive notifications instantly and can approve or deny within a matter of minutes while keeping track of an employee’s availability. At the same time, employees can view their leave balance and check the availability of their co-workers before scheduling time-off.

Monitor Employee Performance

Cloud HR software can help effectively manage competency evaluation and productivity analysis. An automated employee appraisal system allows for scheduled ad hoc evaluations and provides detailed feedback reports leading managers to make better decisions on bonuses and promotions. Payroll software tools can be used to simply configure annual report estimations and end-of-service benefits as well.

Payroll management software allows HR professionals to automate and consolidate employee data such as dates of births, addresses, salary history, benefits details, and medical information. Powerful online dashboards complete with strict security measures ensure that a company’s sensitive and crucial information remains confidential at all times.