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As the use of technology increases so does the chances of data security risk. By digitizing administrative-intensive tasks, automated HR systems not only reduce the risk of errors but also implement security and privacy controls to safeguard sensitive information.

Strong User-Access Policies

Many automated systems are equipped with an employee self service feature that allows employees control and real-time access with their financial details, leave requests and work schedules. While this independence encourages employee engagement and reduces turnover rates, it can also increase the risk of security leakage issues. Outside hackers and in many cases, company insiders are looking for opportunities to carry out information breaches and identity theft.

In order to mitigate these risks, third-party database vendor administrators constantly review access logs so they can stay on top of any discrepancies. This scrutiny also ensures that they can note the IP address of the connections and view who is connected to the database at any given time. In addition to strong privacy controls, clients can also request a two-factor authentication feature on their accounts as an added security measure.

Data Security Training

Company officials need to educate all their employees on the importance of understanding and maintaining security protocols. Everyone from support staff to senior managers, including even the CEO, needs to undergo data security training so each individual is in the know of topics such as changes in technology and the latest updates on cyberscams. These sessions will help the workforce to stay on top of developing strong passwords and gearing up backup plans in case they suspect trouble or misplace a work device.


Even with the strictest policies at work, data security breaches will arise. In order to avoid these instances from occurring, organizations need to emphasize that employees access only their own personal information and critical changes must require authorization.

Companies that have implemented automated HR management systems can develop an internal communication stream where employees can share suspicious behavior and managers can flag and address these concerns. Disciplinary policies and penalties need to be carried out for any and all employees caught sharing sensitive information such as passwords.


Employee names, dates of birth, salary data and banking information are just some of the confidential details that make up basic HR data of most organizations. All this information is actively pursued by hackers and rogue company employees to commit identity theft and financial crime. In most cyber hack situations, employees and managers ar etricked into giving up usernames, passwords and other sensitive information. Robust data security policies and systems aims to prevent this type of financial crime resulting in a secure work ecosystem.

Disaster Recovery 

A disaster recovery plan is important to secure lost data which is why most cloud based software solutions don’t depend on a traditional secondary data centre, but instead is backed up across multiple geographical locations to eliminate a single point of failure. To minimize the overall impact of a disaster on business performance, automated HR systems utilize advanced technological tools such as cloud storage to restore infrastructure and its components within requisite timeframes.

The HR department is responsible for managing highly sensitive employee data, such as medical information and payroll details making it susceptible to information leaks and data breaches. HR management systems are equipped with additional security measures to ensure that the available information is controlled yet fully accessible to the necessary party at all times.


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