Team Onboarding: 3 Tips From The HR Management’s desk

May 6, 2020

Any HR manager understands that when they can hire and keep the best staff, their company will develop and thrive.

A good onboarding staff program guarantees that the most competitive candidate actually shows on their first day.

This is because at the time your frontrunner accepts your job offer, your good employee onboarding process should commence. If you’re not hiring your finest applicants until their start date, they may consider their present employer’s higher offer or counter offer.

HR management involves improving your new employees’ retention, commitment, fulfillment, and efficiency.

Having your new hires up to speed requires time, but many employees lose interest without an amenable onboard experience. Here are three ways to maintain momentum and commitment in those first few days:

Start the onboard process prior to their arrival on day one

The earlier you start, the faster it will be for your new hires to be up to speed. If you give new staff the cold shoulder between the letter of offer and their first day, you give them the improper message already.

Personal touches such as a welcome email via the Emirates HR onboarding platform, a welcome kit with a personal card or even a phone call from the manager can help alleviate worries.

Your new staff is most likely looking forward to getting started on their work as soon as possible. Thus, employee onboarding and proper HR management should be structured, concise, and begins prior to their arrival.

There should be no waste of time for anyone⁠—be it yours or the new hires. Design the content to be reflective of your corporate culture once you have an extensive onboarding plan.

Your new hires should innately know the tone taken internally by your organization to be able to bring it to their job.

Recognize the new team member’s value

It is most essential to be prepared for the first day of the new employee. One way to do this is to acknowledge them with appropriate introductions.

Ensure that coworkers, management team, and other members are acquainted with the new worker and introduce the boarding process early in the workplace.

It is important that the workstation of the employee is fully stored and prepared for them to arrive, which includes setting up their email or mobile accounts.

Also, listening to the understanding of the targets and expectations of new hires is essential. Keeping correspondence will encourage even the timidest of new hires to express helpful feedback on what is or isn’t working for them and may point out concerns you didn’t realize were there in your organization.

Don’t undervalue or ignore a new perspective by discouraging open communication and feedback.

Develop and organize a plan

Businesses need to invest the time, energy and resources needed to develop an onboard experience that effectively conveys expectations based on the organization’s values and the job description. This establishes the organizational culture and makes interpersonal and organizational links for a worker to succeed.

This strategic method involves experts from human resources to produce onboard experiences and to guide managers in doing just that.

A good onboarding process is not an activity that only takes place at the office on the first day of your new employee. It is an ongoing process that begins when your best candidate accepts your employment offer.


There’s no way your employees can reach their full potential if you don’t prepare a comprehensive HR management onboarding structure.

An efficient onboarding system for employees need thorough planning, budget management, coordination, and care. If you’re prepared to invest in your new recruits, they’re ready to succeed with you and the company.

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