The Advanced Features And Functions Of A Global HR Software

Emirates HR

HR software has become synonymous with efficiency and effective decision making. Over the years, companies big and small have begun incorporating its implementation and for a good reason. With automating employee-related information and processes across various departments, HR software seeks to improve regulatory compliance, organize data-driven reports, and create positive employee experiences. 

The revolutionary part about it is that now it can do so on a global level. Multi-national companies with subsidiaries and distribution centers in dozens of locations around the world can now use a unified, comprehensive HR software and close all gaps.

A for Accessibility

Once a company completes the implementation and launch phase, the HR software can get to work. It links all employee information to the central record system so that all your HR staff globally, whether in-house or outsourced service providers, can access it whenever necessary, similar to a self-service portal. 

From the employee forefront, in addition to being able to edit their details such as emergency contacts, they will also be well informed about their allocated teams, locations, direct reports, and leave approvals. Additionally, a consolidated company directory will save time when any employee needs to call, email, message, or check the co-worker’s availability for a particular task. 

Similarly, because everything is conveyed in the same format regardless of the company location, admins and managers get to stay one step ahead in terms of any outstanding document approval and letter request, maintaining consistent management practices throughout. While keeping abreast of any and all admin tasks are well and good, global HR management software makes their presence really felt in fields like Onboarding, Leave Management, and Employee Benefits. 

HR software is extremely efficient with onboarding from showing new employees welcome videos to allowing them to view the bios of co-workers and the management. Yet its real selling point lies in the fact that the HR features continue to assist employees well past just the interview process. Employees can make leave requests at the click of a button and receive approvals just as fast. 

Did Anyone Say Transparency?

Business travel becomes a breeze, with employees being able to submit travel requests through a mobile app, track team availability for virtual meetings, and upload document requests to meet tight deadlines. This unique tool comes in handy when it comes to inputting and claiming business expenses as well. You are required to take a photo of your receipt, upload it into the mobile app and submit it to your manager for approval. With this expense module, employees will save time, and employers can look forward to complete transparency.

Global HR software is fast changing how an international business will be conducted down the road. Managers will no longer have to chase new employees for updated documents or follow up on mundane tasks like time-tracking. Less time will be wasted on administrative tasks opening up possibilities for the HR staff to focus on analyzing and reporting on important employee information, eventually leading to effective decision making as an overall factor.