The Best Features A Cloud Based HR Software Should Offer

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May 7, 2022

According to a McKinsey study, about 20% to 25% of the workforces in advanced economies worked from home between three to five days per week during the COVID-19 pandemic. McKinsey also discovered in its survey that business executives plan to reduce their office space by 30% on average, clearly demonstrating how hybrid work will become the norm for many organizations in the long run.

Although there are many reasons why this mix of in-person and remote work are good for both employers and employees, human resource (HR) managers may nonetheless struggle to manage and monitor a hybrid workforce due to communication challenges and coordination issues. As a remedy, cloud based HR software was developed to aid them in managing workforces across any location.

If you are an HR manager looking to use this type of HR software, learn about the best features it should have to help you make a decision:

1. Document management
According to studies, HR departments spend 50% of their time processing paperwork and employee information. This goes to show how most of them spend a tremendous amount of time and resources on incidental functions, rather than on core office affairs. This may especially be true in hybrid work, considering that most files and documents are stored in an office cabinet or computer, away from the access of HR personnel should they be working at home.

With this, it is vital that a document management feature be present in a cloud based HR software. This allows HR managers to process documents from any location and from any device, alerting them about expiring employee requirements, allowing them to automatically generate employee-requested documents, and enabling them to automate their overall document control process.

2. Payroll
Payroll is among  most crucial functions of the HR department, as employee engagement highly depends on it. With this, HR managers should consider a robust payroll feature in an HR software that integrates attendances and automates calculations into multi- and custom salary types for employees across different positions and locations. This enables them to automate the overall process, allowing the system to release accurate salaries and bonuses to employees even if they are located in different countries and make payslips available to them for download at any time.

3. Onboarding
Onboarding may take anytime between a week to a few months, all to ensure that new employees would be well-informed about the functions of their respective jobs. With an onboarding feature, cloud based HR software will allow managers to eliminate time-consuming first day formalities and walk-throughs using a self-service onboarding process that allows new workers to watch previously uploaded welcome videos and see other documentation relevant with their job. Aside from that, this feature will also allow employers to send customizable welcome emails and corporate portal login credentials to any employee from any location.

4. Benefits Management
According to the Society of Human Resource Management, 60% of employees find benefits as an important contributor to job satisfaction. With this, HR managers must consistently ensure that all employee benefits are accurately monitored and calculated. Through a benefits management feature, they will be able to give their workers an access to their benefits offerings. For example, employees will be able to see exclusive discounts and offers from different brands through the HR software and navigate their personal health benefits seamlessly. Moreover, this will also allow them to easily request for leaves without needing to physically accomplish a form or send an email, enabling employers to quickly review and approve them real-time.

Find the Right Cloud Based HR Software

Given the importance of having the aforementioned features in properly managing human resources across any location, it is critical to work with a reputable company that offers high-quality HR software which consistently meets the evolving needs of both employers and employees. For reliable cloud based software in Dubai, reach out to EmiratesHR for more information.