Training And Development Program: Empowering Human Resources In Organizations Strategically

August 22, 2021

Managing human resources is one of the challenging business functions to deal with. Human resources can influence all aspects of a business, from productivity, growth to success. Especially in service-providing organizations, employees are the key to success as they directly impact the end customer experience.  

Employee empowerment is a workplace philosophy that emphasizes allowing employees to be more independent, enhancing employee engagement, and promoting organizational success. This article will give you a straightforward guide on how proper training and development programs strategically improves employee empowerment within organizations. 

Motivates employees with a greater level of engagement 

Practical and well-structured training and development programs directly increase employee motivation and engagement. Any training and development program aims to develop and upgrade employees’ capabilities, skills, knowledge, and exposure towards a particular job role or act promptly towards particular business situations. As a result, it naturally empowers employees to perform and respond to their tasks, job roles, or team activities much more effectively and efficiently. 

Most importantly, given the right set of capabilities to show off what they can do, employees will always try to put their best foot forward and feel more engaged, thereby enhancing employee empowerment. In addition, empowered employees have a higher tendency to tackle challenges and hurdles much more strategically with a higher engagement rate. A greater level of engagement, in turn, supports higher productivity levels with minimum downtimes. 

Develops leadership traits 

Businesses are now continuously using several HR software to take a strategic approach towards enhancing leadership within organizations. These HR platforms are also integrated into training and development programs to enrich and develop employees with leadership capabilities. Leadership’s qualities are one of the essential traits of empowered human resources, as it improves the ability for an employee to act independently.

This approach allows employees to be readily capable of shifting to a higher managerial position in times of uncertainty or facilitating unexpected employee turnover or related situations. It also improves their ability to spontaneously take charge of unforeseen circumstances in a much more responsible manner.

Boost creativity 

Another significant impact of proper training and development programs is that they exclusively boost creativity among employees. Creative skills strategically allow employees to be independent in crucial areas like problem-solving, unique idea generation, change management, spontaneity, and analysis. As a result, it naturally improves independent qualities among employees, progressively aiding empowerment. 

These creative skills that employees develop through practical training & development programs can also significantly empower employees to be more committed to meaningful goals and use these creative skills to achieve them efficiently. In addition, creative skills are also beneficial to employee empowerment in teams and team-oriented organizational culture, which requires more novel thinking skills. 

In general, empowering employees by enriching their creative skills tackles change processes with less resistance and organizational crises in a much more streamlined approach. 

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