UAE federal workers to face up to 10-day pay cut for flouting Covid rules

Employees at UAE federal departments and ministries face up to a 10-day salary cut for flouting Covid-19 safety guidelines.

Anyone infected with coronavirus who goes into the office and does not tell their manager, as well as workers who fail to comply with treatment or who refuse to continue with it, face a maximum 10-day penalty on their basic salary.

Employees who do not report symptoms face a cut of up to three days in basic salary, which progresses to a maximum of 10 if they repeat the offence three times.

The list of fines came in a Federal Authority for Government Human Resources circular to ensure employees follow rules designed to curb the spread of Covid-19 and safeguard public health.

And it comes as authorities step up efforts to ensure everyone in the UAE complies with the rules.

Employees found shaking hands will receive two warnings and up to a one-day deduction if repeated for a third time.

Another rule stipulates that if an employee leaves or returns to the UAE without following health requirements or gaining approval, they face a maximum of three, five, and 10-day deduction from their basic salary if they repeat the offence up to three times.

Other federal rules in the circular:

  1. Employees face up to a one-day pay cut for refusing a Covid-19 test once, a three-day cut for a second time, and a maximum five-day penalty for a third time.
  2. Any employee found to ignore precautionary guidelines gets two warnings and up to a one-day pay cut a third time.
  3. Line managers who fail to act if employees display symptoms face a written warning, up to a one-day cut, and a three-day pay cut the third time.
  4. If an employee fails to inform an employer that they were in close contact with a positive case or fails to comply with home quarantine instructions, they face up to a one-day cut, a three-day cut if this omission is repeated, and up to a five-day cut for a third time.
  5. People who fail to wear a mask at work will receive a written warning the first time, face up to a one-day basic salary deduction for a second offence, and up to a three-day deduction a third time.