Why A Smart HR Software is Key To Business Success

Emirates HR

Even though every business is different in how it operates, there is one common link between all of them: the use of technology. Human relations are an integral component of any company, but it is software whose integration is enabling companies to grow leaps and bounds. HR software, in particular, is becoming an essential tool in helping departments succeed beyond measure. Over the past several years, HR software has been making its mark across UAE businesses in a significant manner both by saving time and effort and increasing the accuracy of employee data.  

  • Onboarding is considered the foundation of employee experience and thanks to cloud-based software, new employees can now look forward to focusing all their energy on beating the learning curve instead of wasting precious time with admin tasks. They can upload required documents and update important details regarding not only their passports, Emirates ID, and Residency Visa but their dependents’ as well, all at the touch of a button. Similarly, employers can send out personalized offer letters, contracts, and welcome emails within a matter of minutes.
  • By consolidating document management, companies enable both employers and employees to move towards an effective organization. While employees can request letters and receive notifications through the app/desktop, employers can view a live dashboard of all inquiries and preempt any impending expirations of trademarks, trade licenses, or corporate certificates. A centralized document management system provides numerous advantages to amplify efficiency in the short term and productivity in the long term. 
  • Managing employees on a day-to-day basis is no easy task which is why HR management software has been a welcome addition to company systems. Where leave management used to be a long and arduous procedure now employees can swiftly request time off, report sick days, and coordinate their leave allowance so it doesn’t clash with other co-workers. HR managers are also able to use the benefits of leave management to understand leave patterns and help control absenteeism. So now, not only can managers approve and manage leaves more efficiently, but they can utilize a large chunk of their time to focus on analytics and data insights to deliver better business results.
  • If there’s one particular task that has benefited the most from the incorporation of cloud-based HR software, it is the payroll. Configuring and keeping track of employee compensation is both complex and tedious, but with payroll software, HR professionals can now easily manage, organize and automate employee payments, whether it’s regarding new joiners, leavers, or mid-month pay changes. A unified HR and payroll software is encouraging organizations to draw conclusive insights from consolidated data. This, in turn, enables company leaders to focus on making strategic decisions and propel the business towards success.

HR departments across the UAE are using technology to transform time-consuming and never-ending employee data paperwork into a centralized and digitized system. With a web-based cloud solution, HR managers are able to boost engagement and communication with employees from various departments leading to better business outcomes overall. More transparency, more productivity. More success.