Workplace Wellness: Why The Concept Is Especially Essential During The Pandemic

workplace wellness

Even though it’s difficult to keep up morale in the midst of a pandemic, it’s all the more essential to ensure the wellness of your workforce. Where several years ago, wellness used to be an optional perk part of corporate fitness programs, today it is a regular part of employee benefits packages. Both employers and employees have come across the many benefits of including wellness seminars and workshops as an incentive to adopt and maintain a healthy work environment all around. The fact that healthy behavior reduces the prevalence of chronic disease and leads to a reduction in employee health-related expenses is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Follow The Positive Leader

Examples are set by leaders, whether at home or work. Organizations in which senior managers encourage healthy habits are inevitably leading their support staff to have a positive impact on their work performance. Employers who consistently pull all-nighters and refuse to take any breaks during the day are not only causing problems for themselves but those around them. It is important to give it your 100% at work, but not at the cost of raising anxiety and stress levels. 

Open Doors, Effective Communication

While everyone is facing a global pandemic at large, each individual is dealing with their own form of crisis as well. For some, it is the concern of not being able to visit elderly loved ones. For others, it is the inconvenience of conducting business through virtual meetings. Still, others are struggling with the limitations of social distancing. All these can have a strong impact on workplace behavior. However, employers can step-up and take charge by communicating effectively with their team. Make time to have a one-on-chat with a particular employee or schedule a short weekly team catch up (with six feet distance between each employee) where team members are encouraged to bring up any struggles or challenges.

Move Your Body

Regular exercise and staying active helps both the mind and body to stay fit. Research indicates that since exercise releases endorphins, it helps manage stress and encourages you to feel good about yourself. However, due to the current pandemic, it has become quite challenging to maintain fitness programs, be it at work or home. At this time, senior managers need to emphasize to their employees to stay active in order to improve both physical and mental health. Whether you encourage your staff to go out for a short walk with a colleague or sign up for a quick Zoom workout session or a wellness webinar, be sure to convey that these are helpful tools to cope with the negative happenings around them.

The world is dealing with a crisis and workplaces across the globe are looking to maintain positive behavior amongst their employees by protecting them and their dependents from life’s uncertainties. While it is not impossible feta, it requires senior management to maintain a fine balance between attentiveness and wellness. Workplace wellness is not just about improving job utilization, increasing employee efficiency and expanding overall productivity. While these factors assist in running a successful company, wellness programs are becoming more and more necessary to help employees adopt healthy behaviors, which in turn is driving up morale and motivation. Industries small and large are facing the crisis head-on to prove that a healthier workforce results in a happier workforce.