HR Trends To Influence Your Business In 2022

July 7, 2022

The role of technology has refined the human resource management industry in more ways than one. As a business performing in a dynamic environment understanding the annual shifts in HR trends is crucial to keep pace with rapid development and retain the competitive advantage. Based on insights gathered from HR experts, here are the top 5 trends likely to influence your business in 2022.

Hybrid Work Model

Nowadays, workplaces are constantly trying to incorporate an HR system that focuses on employees and their productivity. As a result, it has come to light that employees expect a flexible workplace with a hybrid work model that includes a mix of in-office and remote work. Especially with the pandemic outbreak, this trend has become a consideration that employees make when looking to join a company.

As Google’s SEO, Sundar Pichai, announced the company’s hybrid work model, which allows the employee to work three days in the office and two days remotely, he also emphasised that the future of work is flexibility.

The Concept Of DEI

For those yet unaware, DEI is an ethos that recognises the value of diverse voices and centres on inclusivity and employee well-being as central facets of success. It has been the most famous buzzword in organisations worldwide for some time now, and rightfully so.

A recent study found that, on average, 79% of respondent companies plan to increase their DEI budget by 2022. This HR trend of taking initiatives to address bias, discrimination, harassment, unfair wages, and other issues at the workplace now has the power to present an organisation as ethically reputable, making it attractive to potential job candidates.

Employee Wellness Focusing More On Mental Health

With the increasing mental health awareness globally, employees expect their company wellness programs to uphold them. This is why recent HR trends focus more on helping employees avoid burnout and take initiatives to maintain their mental well-being, aiming at higher productivity and retention rates.

Employees are also on the hunt to join companies with personalised wellness programs focusing on mental health. Many companies are trying to personalise their health and wellness HR systems fueled by employee data to try and keep up with this wellness demand.

Enhances Recruiting Experiences

It’s not surprising that technology has transformed the entire recruitment lifecycle. With every part of recruitment becoming digitised, the recent HR trends align more towards giving candidates a seamless recruiting experience, thereby trying to stand out as a futuristic brand or entity among other competitors.

One significant trend likely to influence businesses in 2022 is the emergence of candidate experience HR platforms that allow for connections, conversations and assessments between employers and outside talent.

As it’s becoming increasingly difficult to attract and retain the right talent, equipping an AI-powered HR platform within the recruitment cycle mitigates many recruiting issues, and errors both employers and candidates face during this tedious process.

AI Analytics and Automation

Today’s world is all about data, which is exactly what modern HR trends keep up with. As a result, organisations are trying to maximise the use of automation and AI analytics to upgrade HRM functions such as recruitment, employee retention, engagement and overall HR productivity.

The concept of big data powered by AI analytics and automation is now enabling organisations to personalise their HRM function to better satisfy employee expectations and to present themselves as an attractive entity in the competitive manpower market.