Screening Process: Why Assessing Potential Employees Is Crucial To Long Term Success

July 22, 2021

Candidate screening is the process of reviewing job applications and is a crucial stage within the hiring process. Nowadays, assessing candidates within the screening process is seen as a key strategy to attract potential employees. This is why different HR systems integrated with AI are used within successful organizations’ recruitment and selection processes. This article will outline three key reasons how assessing potential employees candidates within the screening process of recruitment is crucial for the long-term success of an organization.

Effective selection process 

If you consider the traditional hiring and candidate screening methods, it involves reviewing resumes and conducting interviews. However, research suggests that around 78% of resumes have misleading information – with 46% having the unreliable, false, and wrong information. On the other hand, interviews are conducted in an unstructured manner that is subjective, which serves as a poor predictor of a candidate’s job performance or capability.

When employees are hired based on these traditional approaches, it can substantially impact organizational success. There is a mismatch between their skills, knowledge, experience, and job role expectations and performance. 

When you assess an employee within the screening process, it will give you a thorough picture of how capable a candidate is in filling a role. It will also allow you to cross-check if the stated experience, knowledge, and skills in their resumes match their performance from the assessment results. This will help you avoid selecting non-potential employees way before unproductivity issues set in within your business operations, thereby keeping your business process smooth towards long-term success.

Increase employee retention

Retaining employees is a crucial element that impacts HR planning and decision-making. This is because hiring entails a huge cost nowadays. When unsuitable employees are recruited based on non-objective screening methods like reviewing CVs and interviewing, the possibility of employees underperforming, leaving, or getting fired is very high.

On the other hand, candidate assessments can give you a thorough look into one’s personality regarding passion for learning, overall ambition, communication skills, critical thinking skills, collaboration skills, honesty, motivation, curiosity, etc. This will also help you analyse if a potential candidate is a good fit for an organization’s culture and policies, reducing further possibilities of employee turnover. 

When only the most capable candidates are recruited, they are likely to perform according to expected standards or more. They will blend with the organization’s culture and policies well in a smooth manner. This will increase employee retention and reduce the cost that would otherwise have to spend on replacing employees with a new hiring process. All these cost savings made through high employee retention can then be redirected towards feasible business investments to ensure long-term success. Not to mention, employee retention also has a great impact on your organization’s reputation, which affects how well you can attract potential candidates for future recruitment aiming at long-term success. 

Efficient recruitment process 

Recruitment processes are incredibly time-consuming- on average, it takes 45 days to fill a new position. Further to this, many online job postings are open for 90 days. In addition, it receives at least 250 resumes, which increases the size of applicant pools, making it tedious, time-consuming, and hectic to screen and select the most suitable candidates. 

Thankfully, conducting assessment within the screening process can drastically streamline this process and funnel only potential candidates to the selection process. This helps your HR department save valuable time that can be invested in other productive HR activities that can improve the organization’s existing employees and, in turn, benefit the long-term success of the organization. 

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