The Influence Of Technology On Employee Morale

July 14, 2022

It’s not surprising that businesses of all scales see technology as one of the most valuable assets in their daily HRM functions. Using the right technologically updated HR system has proven to significantly improve human resource performance and push a company’s status above the market competition. This article will list how technology has influenced employee morale, one of the key factors in improving employee engagement.

Improves Communication

The introduction of HR cloud-based software has given birth to many communication channels and tools to effectively enhance employee communication within organisations. Improved communication promotes transparent exchange of information, effective collaboration and networking among employees cultivating good employee morale.

Improved communication is a good way to share important company announcements and avoid miscommunications. In addition, it keeps all team members on the same page on a given task or goal, which collectively gives a positive outlook on the company, which is essentially what employee morale tries to achieve.

Enhances Efficiency And Productivity

If your employees are working with outdated HR systems that involve tedious tasks, they will, for obvious reasons, struggle to come up with efficient results. It’s also important to remember that since most traditional HR systems require heavy manual labour, it becomes overwhelming for employees to balance results and efficiency. And when employees fail to hit the mark, they feel their efforts and inputs don’t benefit the company, leading to low employee morale.

In contrast, when employees are given the right tools to perform their tasks efficiently with fewer repetitions and manual errors, it helps them to deliver productive results. Delivering accurate and timely results give employees self-satisfaction and a sense of ownership in the job and company, thereby boosting employee morale.

Automates Redundant Tasks

It shouldn’t be arguable that most employees quickly become demotivated when asked to do the same job, day in and day out. According to a study, it was found that at least 90% of employees are assigned to do repetitive tasks that can be automated with the use of the right HR technology.

Many redundant tasks, such as inputting data, scheduling appointments, and answering similar emails, can significantly dent a company’s productivity and, most importantly, employee morale.

Integrating automation into an HR system can eliminate all these redundant tasks, boosting employee productivity and morale since it will free up most of the employee’s time to focus on the core tasks. It also saves employee time from rectifying errors that are all a result of manual processes which are prone to human error.

Offers Personalized Training Facilities

For those unaware, employee morale is the overall attitude of an employee’s satisfaction and belongingness within an organisation. To generate that, an organisation needs to give employees the satisfaction of good career growth and development through continuous training.

With the inclusion of technology and AI, analytics HR departments can personalise training and development programs to meet the demands of different employee groups. That way, employees are sure to feel satisfied with their career progress within the organisation, thereby naturally boosting employee morale.